Sachem Orenda, Pittsburgh Electronic Musician

Image of Sachem with red backdrop.

Apology for Popular Music Lyrics

  1. Faithless
  2. Barren Lovers
  3. Nihilistic Demiurge
  4. iObject
  5. Ontological Shock, Sparing Rhythmic Detail
  6. Synthesized Socratic Police
  7. Honesty
  8. Lethal Protection
  9. Justify
  10. Electronic Coffee III

Heroism/Coincidental Lyrics

  1. Fearless
  2. Romance
  3. Evident Product of Effort
  4. Connexion Admiration
  5. Intelligence
  6. City of Bridges
  7. 3
  8. SOCial Ties
  9. Eruption
  10. Electronic Coffee II

Ethical Atheism Lyrics

  1. Powerless
  2. Hero Before Lover
  3. Metaphysics Edge
  4. Affectionate Progress
  5. Vanity
  6. Integrity
  7. Inverse Down
  8. Dissociative
  9. The New Percussive Strength
  10. Electronic Coffee

1. Faithless

Faithless the demiurge is product of
My conscience tears into this earth
My own fault biology a cross between
Powerless hair falls out from endless pain
His body burns from celestial rays
Fearless did not work a pounding heart
Weakness a name perhaps my last

Self-centered universal led to my demise
And now I risk my life

2. Barren Lovers

Another man will come along and whisper to you charming words that flare
He will take your hand and gently kiss it like the hero in your fantasy tale

And when it rains it pours down in my face and I see everything so clear(ly)
It washed away my ignorance and prejudicial thoughts in favor of me
I am sick of hearing how you are unfulfilled
Maybe it is time to break away

Hey Barren Lovers
There are better lovers
They are waiting to escape the chains that bind them to the floor
Change is never painless
Bonds will always be missed
But a stronger being will emerge (Demiurge)
Apology straight from S.O.C.
I will be condemned not unlike Socrates
Hey Barren Lovers
There are better lovers
They will love you fruitfully

Independent worth can substitute a dying root professed to satisfy
Pre-wired by society's religious seeds this pioneer defies
The excommunicator of ideals that rip apart my body as an unbelieving soul

These two align
They cover me from underneath and if it fades it dies
But if it lives eternally you finally are in love undenied
All our pains that force us down will soon go away

3. Nihilistic Demiurge

Rejecting my prison
Artistic submission
Coveting the thought inside good word was tried and trite
The power obtained from lies is weaker than what I prescribe
Wait for the preacher (s)he is silent introvert
Introspection it may just serve as a blessed infection
The forms approach me his father acting as the catalyst

Greed subdivisions
Devising new opinions
The absence of religion
Does not incriminate
Picture ideas burning
Passionately true
Motivated by the Demiurge
The will of reason prying through
Wouldn't you take the step to make ignorance incorrect
Inexperienced inexistent in particular inexpensive
In a mind inner crimes incognito undermined
Beauty falls psychographic psychopathic
We are not blind

Nihilistic Demiurge
We hear but we are not heard

I'm breaking it down with my bare fist
The fear created in myself that tells me to resist
The Demiurge will cover me when my body breaks and hurts
I'm drinking dirt but resurrected by the worth that I deserve
Favorable messiahs I'm neither getting higher nor pretending
I'm using words that believe and hold while your apocalypse is ending
If I succumb this Nihilist runs

Full immersion
No more witholding
Devoted to the faculties without them where will you feed?
Flight for the victors we take what is ours and rightfully so
Canes for the villians though I need never touch a hair
Lawas inhuman as nothing rejects the real

Please don't repeat the secrets I speak

4. iObject

Oh baby you cannot deny that you adore him
You think you are discreet but this is objectification
Forsaking sex appeal you would stand to leave me
I could return your feelings if you only respected me

Always reaching they just want to touch me
Color me cover me they just want to touch me
Raise your eyes my face is here
Always staring wishing they could feel me
Objectified entity I am not a precious thing!
Contemplation virtue's eye

You try and try and try but you cannot ignore him
Why do you think it is that he does not acknowledge this
I say we are the same but will they not believe me?
Sexes will converge objection through analogy

Hyper nihilism Demiurge aquatic prism
What is thought a mission is a purposeless condition
Contemplative inquiry Aristotle energy
Intellect's economy burn the walls and set it free
Told you once and told you twice not to listen to advice
Now you're caught in between make believe in reality
Hypocrite lives in me must accept the human being
Illogical and unforeseen I am not a law machine

5. Ontological Shock, Sparing Rhythmic Detail

Color me in your most disliked shade
Controversy here I stand unafraid

Unseen but they never could disprove me
Unkind are the words that they assign to me

Distrust of something new
Is it life or is my sight a liar?
The body shuts down scream
Is this real should I set my eyes on fire?
Psychic energy dissipates from me
Is this what you thought was simply inconceivable

If I were to let my voice decay
The efforts of my lifetime were in vain
Most men cannot contradict their time
Thus I live without cowardice in mind
So color me in your most disliked shade
Controversy here I stand unafraid

6. Synthesized Socratic Police

A dormant superego rests in disbelief
Arising from comparisons that only repeat
Archetypal consciousness continues to bleed
A birth outlined by Synthesized Socratic Police

This silver testament to my dear bloodline's innocence
I promise no apologies
Content with the harmonies but the greatest tones lay in between
Johann is a liar

7. Honesty:

Can you hear my honesty flowing through my speech?
Is it deep in my blue eyes that I will tell no lies?

Don't you want to touch me girl?
Make love to honesty
I know you want it girl
So get right on the floor
Let's do it honestly

Does it emanate from me affecting everything?
Or is it hiding beneath my sensitivity?

Lover turn away if you are not aroused by my honesty
That which is me

Fade point they will not talk to me
Drifting from my own family
My thoughts are just so obscene
america's white minority
Orwell's lunacy

I know your enmity
I'll fight your enemies
You cannot beat them until you make love to honesty
I know your enmity
I'll fight those enemies
We cannot beat them until we make love honestly

8. Lethal Protection


9. Justify

The beliefs are justified
If the vessel grows into my tyrant
I walk the thickest line
To avoid my contemporaries' regret

Internalize the ego claims our numbers worthless
Of human flesh can ideas persist to beings of grandeur?
A failing sense to hold there are only five angles
If I progressed these facts are all Cartesian

I will shy away
When the orenda decays
I put a bullet in faith
But I am standing for praise
When the orenda expands
There are demonic demands

The zealot speaks for herself
I need no bias rooted in hell
Where is the evidence?
Implant my cerebral stains
Blessed with a century of age
Sooner still connexions fade

The chains break under me
Remnants of pure belief
Lost thought entity
Remnants of pure belief

It's a signed admission
Of your concepts
A plead of ignorance
For your livelihood
A revelation of wealth
Write your name in dust

10. Electronic Coffee III

I've known sinners so kind
And I know you weren't in line

She has a scientific third-eye

The 3 excursion caffeine
Synthetic energy
Converted nihilist chi
And now they're lusting for me
Post-modern version of peace
Are you the failure achieved?
Transposing gravity
Alternative to belief
This meta edge will repeat
The overpowered concede

1. Fearless

Love like a candlelight something men will never own
Purchased as a product of partakers prove is still unknown
Restless of a restless eye assured by what is soon denied
Tears form a fragile sign resolving life was never mine

Fearless to admit I wanted her
Love it only confines my will to save her
Fearless to project the fantasies
Drawing a world inside all seconds of light

Dying for a stronger drive rise again not time derived
Weakened by the hurt aside weakness drips where hurt is blind
Hope is waiting first in line today he could be recognized
And I stand before you the name of protection

2. Romance

Tortured by my world I've come to find
Leaving the grace of love far behind
Knowing it has a place I must ignore
Plainly it hurts like hell
Centered on the road of virtue
Despite it's whole worth it warms and burns
No one ever could restate what's true
But I will not return

I want to be your knight
Reaching for life's greater heights

Holding back on my love where is my allegiance?
Romance could be the cause for someone to save us
All these thoughts seem so wrong when I want to adore you
Look right in my blue eyes and know I'm not untrue

And if I tear apart every word
Would it ever start to sound less absurd?
That I can give her up for an idea
Of a higher force
Do you believe a man is innocent
From the pain derived without him?
Nice to entertain the concept
But I will not return

And if my hand descends
I wonder if I'll rise to make amends
Everything I've done to them I need to wash away
Hear my voice and heed my calls I cannot rest my name
Sleeping far into the forestry
Superior sacred sachem speed
Drifting down where is my heart?
A core an essence that's two apart
Seeking out in anyone a friend to shape a guide
Possessive a thing to own no not mine
Solemn bearer of affection
Ignorant toward creation

3. Evident Product of Effort

Diversity it seems to strain a simple mind
To penetrate this hate I will enter from behind
No blame toward intellect we cannot let that slip
Appeal to decency your heart out I will rip
And stare into this metaphor you always love
Syncopate the beats alligned evident products of

Start counting down racist men will fear my name soon
They could not know my misery comes this misery swells you
Will they suspect the hand of cards that I am holding?
A bleeding rose symbolize my concrete/Fearless insides

Pretend for once
They are color-blind

I did not plan to decompose a brittle reign a brittle road
It came between opposing things in my moral code

4. Connexion Admiration

Connexion Admiration flows through my sympathy
Clockwork alteration nothing like my symmetry
Divine ultimatum thirst remorse this pity bleeds
Instant suffocation fearful of your true belief
They were not pushed into their arms yet still gravitating
Suffer want and suffer pride to feel careless eyes now
Somewhere far within these walls everyone is doubting

Half passed and turn around events collide out of control
The beauty of a former self that has no hand in adjacent lives
Admiring the link between better dreams and hurt despite
All the ends produced by means that were wrong?
Look upon and wonder how they may bind

Pondering incessantly the things they speak but are not heard
Endangering this heart of his it generates pain itself
What you want is not inside this glowing shell of pinkish white
Stimuli would amplify if we knew
The behavior of those not afraid to lie

Beliefs held throughout their lives will always change magnitude
Shattered into weakness leaves them destitute
Reformed notions are about to claim anew
Cultivated puppeteers steal your self
Honoring poetry James once wrote

5. Intelligence

Reiterate less invigorate
Miscreant missing from a chain
Incorporate fear retaliate
Broken by the bruise that's breaking in today
Pacify the violence that applies
Cornered in escaping through a lie
Demonize the victor in surprise
Watered by the waking for which we were not wise
Picturesque internalize surmise
Porous as a state I live inside
Sedative or Meta Edge alligned?
Calibrate changing phase behind

I've seen intelligent life once
Similarly staring at me
I've seen intelligent life forms
But I can't see her face

A common place where bias will remain
Intellect is legally insane
Fixate on the mirror of the flames
Drifting dates desire damage done
Intricate precisely ten arranged
Circumvent evidence portrayed
Consistency is what the PEOPLE must proclaim
Anger acting avid inner art
Culminate preaching to a faith
Qualitative has no reason to obtain
Pure amount tends to satiate
Dominance pretends to lead away
Terror trend a friend to gripless nights
Leave it still and pray it will enlight
Succumb instill litigate insight
Taken to the tomb twisting there tonight

Justice leaves but never is denied
Protocol far opposite benign

Burroughs would not even compare
But they were beings divine

They don't know the pain I bring to treachery
With these words I bury a time-locked black and green

6. City of Bridges

Bridges lead me everywhere far away from sin
I would not judge someone on sight we only take within
Pushing onward all these arms strive for so much more
Never will I let them say "impossible"

City of Bridges guiding with light
How could I leave now when you are so bright?
The spirit has died but it's time for you to thrive
City of Bridges for you I would die

Will you hear me if I call out on their insults?
Will you hear me if I scream on Mount Washington?
In your light I place my life
Joining me on principle the lover's grace

Art will not fade from here as long as I have two hands

7. 3:

Gliding sides immobile friends counting every beat
Victimized by distance dawn spitting to the heat
Cowardice was never missed breaking slaves unreal
Awkward is a shamefulness Watts could never feel

This night I dine with princes
I hope they cover me
With every known insult
A voice will ever speak
To shape the man I know I am

Fortune prays a higher face signaled through a fist
Bitter hate you can relate to a formal cause
Nature gives an Incomplete Hero to arrive

One two three care not for infantry
Falling down in your empty dirt
Never mind peace and never mind hope
They only seem to make them hurt
Circle all around the truly just state
Not that it could be real
Why should I show them all respect
When they lie kill and steal?
3 is the reason I came here
3 is the reason hate disappears
Once or twice paralyzed in ice
3 is a whole new man
What we drain from everyone else
For this I cannot stand

8. SOCial Ties

Non-belief in higher powers
Does not stop this man from wondering how
SOCial Ties meet in the strangest places
Forming from indirect relations
Coincide with no expectations of a fictional blur

Theology may concede where I contest
Burdening every thought into unrest
Nonetheless our aims connect our blood is red

Abandoning ingrained learned behavior
Rarely occurs when there is no pressure
Bigotry must flee from this setting
Stand against shamed unjust habits that have remained

All I ever hear is your hate
For those that do not fit your prototype
Do not walk toward this path of anti-love

Culture is clearly overrated
Once I tried leaving all together
Coming back to my seven senses
I was tied with every person faithless and kind

Plato was inquisitive until he died
Coincidence will exist I know not why
SOCial Ties never cease to raise these eyes

Jaded reality it brings about uncertainty and shields truth
Where there are enemies no answers bloom but they repeat "I know truth."

9. Eruption

Common sense still pretends utility is fair and free
Prejudice, emptiness
Washing clean diseased fiends that thrive on 3
Identity sends release soaking in a parody
Cowardice, suck my fist
Patience waits like waiting rooms that call out no names

To anger me authority but it cannot hurt what it cannot tease
And now return to your gaping mouth full of filth
The sign of themes reminding deeds twisting in your cheek
One word to me erupting acts we should repeat
Traditions native to a place they will abuse for worthless gain
Only cover half of what this means NOT IN MY NAME

Commodity mastery will replace affinity
Merciless, pestilence
Hold the red provoke it on let it run lift it up
Venomous, bitter kiss
Step into this crescent space let it hear this violent rain

10. Electronic Coffee II


1. Powerless

Crystallized to the solid floor
Of heartfelt intentions and lust
Stalactites form an excellent remedy
Cross shape of a man not recognized nor reason for
Comparisons create culture clashes crashing into his creed. Who?
Is hope a subdivision of greed?

Lost is a misnomer
Home an apparent truth. Truth?

2. Hero Before Lover

Thermal flight for the victors
Virtue breaks in the name
Simplicity lies to a result
Never greater than proof of mine
Skepticism glides from this conceptions root
Hero is the word in question of truth
The process of concluding to console

Unexpected godsend restraining you from
Indecent water we’re all drinking
Heroism by trade is emerging
Love desired disconcerting

Biased core from the first place
Draining through vibrant fuse
Bringing ignorant News
Face-mask worn by the saved
So they’re not depraved
Strength not bound to belief in a soul

Sorrowful Passion
Lamenting over youth
Complication overdrive
Cataclysmic view
Where is the book on fitting two
Conflicting worlds into one?
All I’ve dedicated cannot function on its own

3. Metaphysics Edge

Induce a war to abandon one’s culture
The surplus is disgusting and ill-behaved
A rise to success for the end
With emotions our reason descends
Mechanize this into quantification
Creating the final spectacle
Of machines against machines

Metaphysics Edge and a lack of color
Meditative methods, dynamic depression
Impressed by that which prays for delusion
Fascinate monarchs to culture-less wishes

Affection is the highest protection
To entice a single beauty
Reoccur depression of worth
Syncopate and synchronize
A romance that can suffice
Illicitly formed into a succession
Similar to an insurrection
Endeavors grew and laughed at the past
Only to be accepted by their future
Rupture, a philosopher’s punishment

Now a heart will grieve
Waiting to atone

4. Affectionate Progress

Animated dissent
Shines like a rebel drive
But one’s sole aim is
Just to undermine
Accomplished measures all designs
The former is based
For honored creed
Advanced social need

My beautiful friend
I’ve lived for you

Acting as a mirror
Not to accuse
Is the reflection
Confident truth
Affectionate progress
I could never stop love
It flares solidly blue
Shining through

I wear this light crown
Pulling us all out
Of this loveless crusade
Shifting towards progress
I see hope
In everyone I know

Introspective feelings
Counter attack
Empirically informed
Notions intact
Serving a purpose
Assumed not worthless
Directed to hold
Faith and control

My beautiful enemy
I’ll die for you

An innate good
Still shows something
I must believe
In more than nothing
Affectionate progress
I could never stop love
It flares solidly blue
Shining through

No one has to command a life
To exercise an egocentric birth right
If you believe in Mayan prophecy
We’re running short on time for redemption out

Hatred will end when aspirations bleed
And they’ve already bled from me
I find closure that nothing could perceive
The colors of which I speak
Some things are grasped by interesting means
A lock not burdened by keys
Courage is the fountain that I want dreaming
Courage is in honesty

5. Vanity

Why won’t they quit murdering
Everything that I could love?
How can this be the end to fear
When we cower to our own government?

Leader can be false inferred
Shifting to immoral surge
Weaponry and sexual favors
Define this common body
Neuspeaking Neutral
Connected through unbirthed actions
Wealth is uncontrolled
Laughing at all creations
Familiar to the atmosphere
Simple as the true intent

Why won’t they quit murdering
Everything that I could love?
Confucius said some thousands of years
Obligations are to your dear men

Soothed electro line
Moving inside a life
Rush curve surrounding space
Shaping in the form of use
Neuspeaking Neutral
What can describe
A fictional sight

Wired deeply in this
Thin-coated line?
Breath in lightly
Melodic age

6. Integrity

Bringing Anarchy is not what I seek
Call me false rebel if you will
Internal need never should defeat
The justice of a righteous hand

Faith of integrity
Serves for new parody
Scarring a ceaseless name
Locked in contempt with shame
Pure sweet integrity
Uncut it cannot leave
She thinks she knows my name
I think she forgot her own

One more point will reflect
On all humane condition

Misrepresented by the punks who still continue to lie
Where is the pride?
Fueled by commotions in the inner self that become
Oppressed beyond all forms of doubt

Skating the edge of everything
Not to be a part of any social scene
Standing by the side of dogmatic prize
What is calm will paralyze
Streaming to the world of innocence
What she cannot commit
Savor the love of safe life
Before this chaos fury ignites

7. Inverse Down:

Let’s solve conflictions of our theory
That can’t exist within Espionage
If only wonder were enough to contain
The circuitry between Men and Women
On breaking through to colors and sounds
Unknown to the world which is now Inverse Down

Contorting thoughts beyond repair
Fixated words that are not there
Love was lost amongst itself
Harmonics of the mind untrue
Reclaiming aware, all is violet
Absence of gray and all equivalent
Fusing speech common-not used
Befriending another man

Reading motions in the spectrum
Sonic waves paralyzing tones Clairvoyant
Pyrotechnics restore passion
But numerous sources Channel fluids
Static movement, chronic decisions
Leading to a halt guess why nothing changes

Greed, disgust,
Lust, infatuation
Fortitude, consequences
Righteousness, Perfectness
Reputation Deception
Domination Specification

Excursions in the plane of naught
Materialistic Monism
Freedom of voice in reverse by us
Must we magnetize this machine?
Forlorn thoughts dissolve and wait
To me, no one will inebriate
Perfect Sanity envisioned as lunacy
Rational Blooms with opportunity
Excursions in the plane of naught
Materialistic Monism
Indeed not tranquility
Mesmerizing infancy
Insecticides pair not wholes
When enveloped through anti-poaching nations
So minuscule

One more wave of compassionate force
Could not relay concisely The hand of cards

8. Dissociative

Suppressing technology and living for ourselves
Can you feel this aural force off time?
Charismatic romance has no use here
Dissociated of this contact high (not here)

Water pouring on the clothing that hides
What was once a man inside
Tortured by precepts that are not his own
Dreaming in a shell to survive incomplete
Realms not explored by anything more
Perfectly crafted to adore

Trying to make sense of every word
Forgetting the importance of sound
Achieving a title with amounting crimes
Brevity in numbers less full
Infinite friends to enjoy in a solitude

"I know you"
"I’ve noticed"
Forestry surrounds the I.C.E.

9. The New Percussive Strength

Torn as the fountain slips through an age
Nothing can console the futility enslaved
Repeating to converse, only to derive
Invalid motives of a discredited mind
Onslaught of a wave of men without a voice
Cross wave the new percussive strength

Venerate this pleasure
Never facing shade spheres
Communizing all else
Refuse to invoke hatred
Power falls to those
Not phased
Return Standing

Shielded figure of a man
That will not bow to pain

Only sincerity will conceptualize
Imaginations blurred from obligations declined
Amplified fortitude a secret belief
Joining in a tangent randomly

10. Electronic Coffee

Coffee wakes notions that have ceased
Energizes words thought obsolete
Actions built of concrete
Are Phasing
Empires burn electronically
In green