Sachem Orenda, Pittsburgh Electronic Musician

"I checked out your myspace and liked the stuff you do."
Raymond Watts, a.k.a. PIG
"[John] Cage would have liked you."
Roger Zahab, New Music pioneer and friend of John Cage
"I really enjoyed the show. First off, the energy was fantastic! I think you've got a really unusual and compelling stage presence. The boldness, the choreography, the somewhat androgynous (?) carriage, the audience participation— it's all great performance."
— Evan Murphy, founder and CEO of SightReading
"BARREN LOVERS challenged my aural universe."
— Andrej Savol
"[Barren Lovers] sounds how I imagine Depeche Mode and Freddy Mercury doing a collab."
— Nigel Jones
"Your set was great: I was pleasantly surprised by your music (not that I wasn't expecting it to be good, just that I had no idea what to expect). I thought it was fresh, galvanizing, and very entertaining. And this is coming from a girl who grew up in Music City USA and who has been exposed and become accustomed to amazing amazing musicians. I was sadly disappointed when I left Nashville to find that it was hard to match the quality of live music I found there."
— Rebecca Frank
"Sachem Orenda's Apology for Popular Music is not easy to classify within the current climate of electronic or independent music." - Read the full article here.
— Dan Weingart, third president of Pittsburgh Electronic Musicians
"Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge is a 46 minute glimpse into a post-digital world where people are empowered to create their whole universe of experiences and expectations..." - Read the full article here.
— Chris Big Money, electronic musician